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Our successful Financial Sales Professionals come from all education levels and backgrounds. One thing they share in common is their passion for making a difference in people's lives. Focused, committed and driven to earn a comfortable living for their families, our professionals receive generous incentives, like paid vacations and bonuses, in addition to six-figure incomes. Take a moment to get to know each one of these successful Financial Sales Representatives and learn how a career with Consolidated Financial Group can make a positive difference in your life.

Chris Benkendorf, RFC, IMO

Independent Marketing Organization

Chris Benkendorf

Chris Benkendorf

With over 20 years in the financial services industry, Chris has dedicated his career to helping military members achieve their financial dreams. With his team of financial reps in locations throughout the U.S., Chris works tirelessly to select and train top-notch financial reps who share his same passion.

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Travis Johnson, RTL

Branch Manager

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson
Regional Team Leader

Travis began his career in the financial services field in 1997 after exiting active duty as a SSG. Leveraging his military background and experience, he has helped hundreds of military families develop and successfully increase their wealth and financial stability. His primary focus is on educating military families on their military benefits and providing them with the tools to make informed decisions. Servicemembers are entitled to benefits and Travis likes to show his clients how to maximize those benefits. In preparation for life outside of the military, families are often left without adequate savings to make a successful transition.

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George Hudspeth, FSR

Financial Service Representative

George Hudspeth

With over 20 years of legal and financial consulting experience, George has assisted hundreds of individuals and families improve their finances. Shortly after beginning his journey with CFG in 2001, it became clear that George had made the right move. "Improving the financial stability of members of our Armed Forces has become the best and most rewarding decision that I've made in my life," George recalls.

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Ronald L. Pettigrew, DM

District Manager

Ronald Pettigrew

District Manager, Ronald Pettigrew, was introduced to financial planning in 1999, after spending 30 years serving in the military. After obtaining the rank of Master Sergeant, Ron retired knowing he would spend the rest of his working years in the financial world. While on Active Duty, he was presented with a brief education on military benefits from a Financial Representative. Realizing there was much information he was not aware of, it became Ron's mission to help other military members learn what he has discovered.

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Twana Ivory, FSR

Field Service Representative

Twana Ivory

After spending 19 years in the retail industry, Twana Ivory found herself wanting to make a bigger impact in her daily work. In 2009, she was introduced to CFG and began her career as a Field Service Representative and became immediately aware of the real difference she would be able to make in helping military families. Twana's passion for helping her clients became personal because of the military's strong influence in her own life.

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