About us

Consolidated Financial Group is a financial services company with offices, Service Centers and Financial Service Representatives located across the United States. Our experienced financial advisors have been providing expert financial advice to individuals, businesses, the military and government employees for over 25 years.

Our team members are family-oriented, hard-working individuals who enjoy serving their community. We come from diverse backgrounds, education levels and work experiences. One thing we all have in common is our commitment to making a difference in the lives of our clients and community.

Our Leadership Team

Michael H. Nordquist, RFC, ChFEBC
President, National Operations

With over 20 years of experience, Michael has spent his career helping individuals find success in the financial services industry. Turning challenges into opportunities, he's managed to build a multi-million dollar company by capitalizing on specialized niche markets all over the U.S.

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Richard G. Easterbrook, CFP, Principal
With over 25 years in the financial services industry, Dick and his team of financial professionals have helped thousands of people reach their financial potential. With a passion for helping others succeed, his customized approach capitalizes on years of industry experience and remains a top choice for financial professionals wanting to make a difference in their careers.

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Ginger R. DeBakey, Human Resources Manager
With CFG since 2012, Ginger specializes in talent acquisition and employee benefits and enjoys helping people find success through unique opportunities available to candidates all over the U.S.

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